2013 Fall Series

We at Eat Sleep Disc want to thank all of the plastic tossers that came out and participated in our series. We had a blast and it was a huge success because of your support. Series ended up with the purse at $1,206. We had 22 players who qualified for the series purse. Congrats to all the individuals who came in first place at one of the series events. Congrats to the players who are improving and plan on making the jump up to the next division. Congrats again to Katie Cunningham, she is on a roll. She has been the series winner in the Advanced Women's division in all of our series since 2011. Congrats to Louis Yarborough for stepping up and winning the Open Men's Division in his rookie year in the division. Again, we want to thank you guys. We love the friendships we have built with you guys over past couple series'. We really enjoy getting to play rounds during the tournaments with you as well. We can't get any better so the pressure is on you guys to improve and get up to Advanced Division and put the hurting on us. Thank all of you guys again. Here are the Final Series Standings! Advanced Women Katie Cunningham 34581 $52 Advanced Men Josh Ehmke 40316 $64 Chris Pierce 24826 $40 Intermediate Men Seth Wiley 59291 $100 Tony LaTorre 55819 $80 Tony Sanders 42740 $70 Ricky Cates $60 Josh Lenox 21049 $50 Jeff Waters 32720 $40 Matt Chenkus 50263 $30 Jason Lacompte 60634 $20 Anthony Hartman 53881 $15 Recreational Men Daniel Williams 58817 $90 Daryl Jones 57602 $70 Tim Turnbull 29790 $50 Chris Skipper 57601 $30 James Giles 56926 $20 Novice Men Ben Swam 52875 $64 Matt Martin 59491 $40 Advanced Masters Lamar Futch 46827 $52 Open Louis Yarborough 50300 $64 James Blanchard 32600 $40 Total Series Purse Collected: $1,206.00 We subtracted the cost of trophies: $68.00 Total Payout in Voucher Form: $1,138.00 Event 1 Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/104940 Event 2 Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/104942 Event 3 Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/103805 Event 4 Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/104944 Event 5 Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/104945 Points Series Info & Rules...... The Series Purse · Eat Sleep Disc is adding the first $300 to the Purse. · $3.00 will be taken from each player’s entry fee at each series event. · This money will be added to the bonus purse and distributed to each division with qualifying participants. · Example: If there are 10 Open, 10 Adv, 10 Int, 10 Rec, & 10 Nov players for a total of 50 players, $150 will be added to the purse. ($3 per player X 50 players = $150). · The total purse would be $450 ($300 Eat Sleep Disc + $150 from player entry fee = $450) · So if only 9 players, out of the 50, qualified for the Series Purse (example: 2 Open, 1 Adv, 4 Int, & 2 Nov.) the pot would be split up by the percentage of the players in each qualified division. · The $450 purse is then split between the 4 qualifying divisions as follows. $100 Open, $50 Adv, $200 Int, & $100 Nov. · If no Ace is hit the Ace pot will be added to the purse as well. Qualifying for the Purse · You must play in at least 4 of the 5 events(INCLUDING THE CHAMPIONSHIP) to qualify for the Series Purse. · You do NOT have to play in 4 events in the same Division to qualify. · You will qualify for the bonus in the division that you received the most Player Points in. Points · You get 2 Event Points (EP) for playing in an event and 1 Player Point (PP) for each person you tie or beat within your division. If a player competes in more than one division, said player only qualifies for the Series Bonus in the division that he earned the most Player Points in. · For Example: Player A plays in Rec for 3 events (and earns 35 player points) and in Intermediate for 2 events (and earns 30 player points). That player will have earned 10 Event Points just for playing in the 5 events. Player A only qualifies for the Rec Bonus Payout as he received more player points in that division than the other. He would then have a total of 45 points (35 player points + 10 event points). Payouts · At the end of the Series, the qualified players will be paid out on a graduated scale, like the current PDGA divisional payout scales, based on points earned. · Pros are paid in Cash & Amateurs in merchandise.