ESD Point Series



The 2015 Eat Sleep Disc Point Series is Rip-Roarin' and Ready to Throw!! Six events all over North Alabama coming to a city near you!! Add $10 if not current PDGA member...$5 late fee for signing up day of event


The 2014 Eat Sleep Disc Series
Event #1 Jan 17th - Trussville - Greg Carter - DONE! 102 Players
Event #2 Jan 31st - The Sexy Birdie @ George Ward - Birmingham
Event #3 Feb 21st - The Heritage Huckfest - Cullman
Event #4 March 7th - The Sparky - Hartselle
Event #5 April 11th - Big Arms at Brahan - Huntsville
Event #6 May 9th - The Championship @ George Ward Park

Points Series Info & Rules......
The Series Purse
· Eat Sleep Disc is adding the first $300 to the Purse.
· $3.00 will be taken from each Amateurs player’s entry fee at each series event.
· This money will be added to the bonus purse and distributed to each division with qualifying participants.
· Example: If there are 100 Adv, 100 Adv Masters, 100 Int, 100 Rec, & 100 Nov players for a total of 500 players, $1500 will be added to the purse. ($3 per player X 500 players = $1500).
· The total purse would be $1800 ($300 Eat Sleep Disc + $1500 from player entry fee = $1800)
· So if only 18 players, out of the 500, qualified for the Series Purse (example: 4 Adv, 2 Adv Masters, 8 Int, & 4 Nov.) the pot would be split up by the percentage of the players in each qualified division.
· The $1800 purse is then split between the 4 qualifying divisions as follows. $400 Adv, $200 Adv Masters, $800 Int, & $400 Nov.
· If no Ace is hit the Ace pot will be added to the purse as well.

Qualifying for the Purse
· You must play in at least 4 of the 6 events(INCLUDING THE CHAMPIONSHIP) to qualify for the Series Purse.
· You do NOT have to play in 4 events in the same Division to qualify.
· You will qualify for the bonus in the division that you received the most Points in.

· We are calculating points a little differently this series than ones in the past.
· We are awarding the top 3 spots a little more. This will allow players the opportunity to jump their competitors late in the series.

Place - Points
1st - 15 points
2nd -12 points
3rd - 9 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
10th or lower - 1 points
Ties - If two players tie for 2nd place they will both be awarded 12 points and then the 4th place will receive 7 points. etc.

· At the end of the Series, the qualified players will be paid out on a graduated scale, like the current PDGA divisional payout scales, based on points earned.
· The Series Purse will be payed out in merchandise for Ams and Cash for Pros.


Past Series Results
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2013 Fall Series
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