ESD Point Series


The 2014 Eat Sleep Disc Point Series came to a close yesterday. What a great time we had running it. Thank all of you flat ball throwers for making our tournaments competitive and fun. Between the 7 events we had 484 participants and averaged just over 69 players per event. At the series finale between the tournament pay out, player packs, bonus purse and trophies we paid out $4,023 worth, while entry fees only added up to $2,170. So we were able to payout 185% of FAIR market value prizes. This doesn't even include Chris Mullins $96 Ace Pot (#16 Long Left) or Danny Self winning the Discatcher Sport in the Basket Throw Off!

Congrats to Shawn Aaron, an old Huntsville native who now resides in Fort Campbell, KY for making the 500 mile round trip to each of our seven events and taking home the Advanced Series Trophy and Title. Shawn had a co-pilot for his long travels south to Alabama. All of the players in the Recreational field know him as Shinn Bone as Ben Shinn took home the Recreational Series Hardware and Prestige. Jeff Jordan who resides a couple miles south of Nashville in Thompsons Station, TN who made a few long trips down I-65 himself to bring home the Advanced Masters Series Crystal Ball. One of disc golf's up and coming lefties Tim Turnbull has seen his game continue to get better with age. He won Event #6 at his home course in Hartselle, AL and took home the Intermediate Series Blue Ribbon. Congrats to all the Ladies for winning their respective division series awards. Big Hyzer Bags and ESD's Katie Cunningham in Advanced Women. Robin Black in Intermediate Women & Claudia Carcelen in Recreational Women.

Congrats to all of the winners of Event #7 The ESD Championship. Congrats to Discraft's Cody Britian for winning Men's Open and beating second place and myself by two strokes with a gorgeous 91 on the day. Congrats to Jason Soules on winning the Advanced Masters division. Congrats to Big Hyzer Bags and ESD's Katie Cunningham for winning again in the Advanced Women division. You don't have to congratulate me but I, Josh Ehmke with ESD got my first win of the year by beating out ESD's Phillip Moore by two strokes in the Advanced division. Congrats to ESD's Tony Sanders on collecting his first Intermediate win in a PDGA Event. Congrats to Anthony Siefker on establishing himself as PDGA champion as he put together his first sanctioned win by beating up on the recreational field. Congrats to Josh Price on winning in the Novice division. Congrats to Mitch Slezak on going undefeated in the Junior division this series and bringing home another victory in that respected division. Congrats to Robin Black on another win in the Recreational Ladies division and Claudia Carcelen in the Recreational Ladeis division.

The 2014 Eat Sleep Disc Series
Event #1 Jan 18th - Birmingham - George Ward Park (
Event #2 Feb 8th - Huntsville - Indian Creek (
Event #3 March 1st - Trussville - Carter Memorial DGC (
Event #4 March 29th - Rainbow City - Vivian Lee Maddox DGC (
Event #5 April 26th - Birmingham - Inverness (
Event #6 May 31st - Hartselle - Sparkman Park (
Event #7 June 28th - B'ham - George Ward Park (

What a beautiful Saturday we had! Thanks to all the 93 golfers that came out to Sparkman Park. We had great weather and even better scores. It was hard to tell who was in what division as many amateurs played out of their minds and well above their respectable ratings. Congrats to Michael Young for taking home the victory in the open field by two strokes over threesome of Shawn Aaron, Patrick Robinson & Aaron Bernard who matched each other shot for shot. Congrats to the Bowling Green Amateur Champion Old Man Advanced Masters Danny Self Heating & Cooling for topping off the Freon and shooting a cool 5 strokes less than the runner up in his division. Ken Climo look out Danny is coming for you! Congrats to Sam Wood on making the trip from Chattanooga worth his while and putting together 2 great rounds and winning his first PDGA tournament in the Advanced division. At the end of the second round Sam was tied with Tupelo's Robbie Harris and got to claim his victory in extra frames. Congrats to Local Lefty Tim Turnbull on the playoff victory against Deston Bailey in the highly coveted, extremely competitive and crowded Intermediate division. We had a tournament high 28 studs in that division. Congrats to Ben Shinn on embarrassing the rest of the recreational division. After the smoke settled, Ben shot on average 48.5 points above his rating each round. Congrats to Team Eat Sleep Disc members Katie Cunningham for winning the Advanced Women's division and Claudia Carcelen for winning the Intermediate Women's division. A Big High V (That is the Roman numeral 5) to the Novice Champion Michael Brown. Last but not least congrats to Mitch Slezak for winning the Jr. Division.

Thank all of you guys again for making one more of our events a great one. We are really looking forward to the Championship and know that you guys will not be disappointed with our season finale!

Point Standings after Event Number SIX

Advanced Ladies
60 Katie Cunningham 34581

Intermediate Ladies
57 Robin Black 52918

Recreational Ladies
27 Claudia Carcelen 62504

Advanced Men
52 Shawn Aaron 24030
33 Josh Ehmke 40316
30 Brad Mizerany 50678
27 Chris Pierce 24826
26 Stephen Wilkenson 56102
25 Ben Cybul 56757
18 Tony Latorre 55819
7 Chris Mullins 30825

Intermediate Men
46 Tim Turnbull 29790
33 Daryl Jones 57602
29 Bradley Neeley 48005
26 Justin Brown 63169
22 Blake Rhoades 65400
15 Josh Lenox 21049
15 Tony Sanders 42740
12 Blaine Downs 48993
8 Kevin Turner 43128
6 David Bedard 56078
6 Brian Castello 60653

Recreational Men
66 Ben Shinn 50445
43 Charles Thomas 52917
41 Billy Turnbull 24651
39 Jason Trussell 62061
36 Matt Martin 59491
30 Anthony Siefker 62337
7 James Giles 56926

Advanced Men
45 Jeff Jordan 19621
35 Chris Conner 56325
34 Chris Pereira 54129
29 Lamar Futch 46827

Points Series Info & Rules......
The Series Purse
· Eat Sleep Disc is adding the first $300 to the Purse.
· $3.00 will be taken from each Amateurs player’s entry fee at each series event.
· This money will be added to the bonus purse and distributed to each division with qualifying participants.
· Example: If there are 100 Adv, 100 Adv Masters, 100 Int, 100 Rec, & 100 Nov players for a total of 500 players, $1500 will be added to the purse. ($3 per player X 500 players = $1500).
· The total purse would be $1800 ($300 Eat Sleep Disc + $1500 from player entry fee = $1800)
· So if only 18 players, out of the 500, qualified for the Series Purse (example: 4 Adv, 2 Adv Masters, 8 Int, & 4 Nov.) the pot would be split up by the percentage of the players in each qualified division.
· The $1800 purse is then split between the 4 qualifying divisions as follows. $400 Adv, $200 Adv Masters, $800 Int, & $400 Nov.
· If no Ace is hit the Ace pot will be added to the purse as well.

Qualifying for the Purse
· You must play in at least 5 of the 7 events(INCLUDING THE CHAMPIONSHIP) to qualify for the Series Purse.
· You do NOT have to play in 5 events in the same Division to qualify.
· You will qualify for the bonus in the division that you received the most Points in.

· We are calculating points a little differently this series than ones in the past.
· We are awarding the top 3 spots a little more. This will allow players the opportunity to jump their competitors late in the series.
Place - Points
1st - 15 points
2nd -12 points
3rd - 9 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
10th or lower - 1 points
Ties - If two players tie for 2nd place they will both be awarded 12 points and then the 4th place will receive 7 points. etc.

· At the end of the Series, the qualified players will be paid out on a graduated scale, like the current PDGA divisional payout scales, based on points earned.
· The Series Purse will be payed out in merchandise...not cash.
The Series Purse is only for amateur divisions recreational and above. We are doing this to allow for the pro divisions to be payed out over 100% at each event. We will not be taking out the $3 series fee from the pro divisions like we are from the amateur divisions.

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