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Prodigy Discs Drivers have SOLD OUT!!! Thanks for the HUGE response! But WE GOT THEM MIDRANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
Prodigy Midranges
D1-Disc-Golf-Driver-Disc D1 is a very fast, over stable driver designed for power throwers. This driver is good for all conditions and flies as well into the wind as it does with the wind. The consistent flight path of this disc makes it a favorite of disc golfers looking not only for a long flight but pinpoint accuracy. The flight path is similar regardless of the weight.

D4-Disc-Golf-Driver-Disc D4 is a very fast, under stable driver. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far. The D4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then react similarly to the D3 with its long glide and gentle turning finish.